About us: Our story

Right business idea has to grow on you slowly, Mindaugas Stasiulionis confirmed this quote by coming back to his hometown to open his first steakhouse restaurant “Böff” with his business partner, and, afterwards, taking a chance to offer high quality steaks for everyday menu in the high street of Vilnius.

This led to the opening of “The Town steakhouse” on Gediminas ave.  in 2014. Our place has quickly became favored not only by city centre customers for business meetings and lunch, but also by families as a cozy spot for weekend breakfast. We are proud of our loyal staff team that remains almost unchanged since the beginning. Personal connection and happy work environment in our kitchen is cherished a lot. Our head chefs Darius and Elijas have learnt the taste and preferences of our clients working here since the first days of the restaurant.

In 2017 we opened our lunch restaurant “Steak for Break” in a busy office district in Vilnius. Here we serve gourmet business lunch of the same high quality products, the menu is a bit simplified and differs each day.

Cozy and stylish restaurant space make ideal settings for corporate and private events for 80 guests seated or 100 standing. Our head chefs Edgaras and Tatyana are happy to offer our guests something new every day.