Cookies policy

JSC Maisto meras, legal entity No 303225539, domicile address Kalvarijų g. 137-46, LT-08221 Vilniu (the ‘Company’ or ‘We’) is committed to ensuring the security of the personal information and the protection of the rights of website visitors (the ‘Visitors’) as they use our website (the ‘Website’) and its content.

During Visitors’ visits to the Website, the Company or the Company’s authorised service providers use various technologies to save data to make the Visitors’ use of the Website more convenient and safer, and the services more relevant.

This cookies policy is drawn to provide Visitors with more information about the technologies used at the Website and how the Company uses them.


Our Website uses cookies. They allow us to customise the functioning of the Website to your needs and facilitate browsing and using our Website.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that your web browser saves on your computer, tablet, or another smart device during your visit to our Website. They enable the Website to save data such as:
connection data (the IP address of the connecting device, the time of the connection, the city from which the connection is made);
type of browser;
demographical data (age group, gender);
data of your behaviour in browsing the.

We use cookies to:
ensure the effective and secure functioning of the Website; we use cookies to maintain our security functions that help us detect and identify instances of inappropriate behaviour on our Website;

improve the functioning of the Website; by watching the use of cookies, we are able to improve the functioning of the Website and e-services, develop the current services, improve functionality, analyse functioning as you visit our Website from other websites or other devices;

recognise returning Visitors at the Website; they help display appropriate information to the Visitors; on top of that, they help avoid repeat registration and completing forms for regular Visitors;

analyse your habits to make the functioning of the Website convenient, effective, and in line with your needs and expectations, for instance, by ensuring that you are easily able to find everything you are looking for;

measure the flows of information and data sent to your Website; we use cookies to collect statistical data of the number of people visiting our Website and their use of e-services;


Every time you visit our Website, it can create persistent cookies that are stored on your computer after you log out and will be used when you visit the Website again; they are effective and are not deleted after you finish browsing the Website, and/or session cookies that expire and are deleted after you finish browsing the Website.

All cookies that we use may only be used with your prior consent. You can express your consent by clicking ‘I agree’ on the cookies disclaimer that appears at the top/bottom of the Website page.

Please note that the necessary cookies and analytical cookies are a precondition for your using the Website. If you decline these cookies, we cannot be sure that our Website will be functional at all.

The following is a list of the main cookies that our Website uses based on their type, data collected, and period of validity.

2.1 Cookies that the Website Uses

Necessary cookies
These cookies are necessary for you to be able to browse the Website and use its functionalities, for instance, remember the information you enter in forms during your session, access restricted areas of our Website. Without this kind of cookies, some of the Website services would be unavailable, and the Website would not function as smoothly as it should.

Functional cookies
These cookies allow Visitors to avoid changing settings every time they visit the Website. These cookies help remember your choices and settings (for instance, those of language or time-zone). With these cookies, Visitors avoid changing settings every time they visit the Website. Functional cookies also remember any changes you make or some of your other actions, like comments. Functional cookies do not track your actions on other websites.

Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies show us whether a Visitor has already visited the Website. These anonymous cookies help us track the number of visitors and the frequency of their visits. The cookies collect information about Website usage and help us improve Website functionality. For instance, analytical cookies can show the pages that are visited the most, help register breakdowns on the Website, and so on.

Advertising, targeted-marketing cookies
These cookies allow us to register your visit to our Website, pages that you visited before and links you followed. Then we will use this information to offer you personalised advertising. Advertising and targeted-marketing cookies allow us to know whether you have already seen a particular ad and how much time has passed since you did. We can use cookies from another entity to be able to offer you more personalised advertising. They are also used to make sure that certain ads are only displayed a particular number of times and to measure the effectiveness of advertising.

All information about these cookies that our Website uses and their purpose and validity and the data used is provided in the table below:

PHPSESSIDCookieSessiontown.ltUsed to identify a user session.
pll_languageCookie2 yearstown.ltUsed to remember in which language user navigates the website.
fontsLoadedCriticalFoftPreloadFallbackSession storage
town.ltUsed to remember the language font of the website.
town-policyLocal storage Until
Local storage clean up Registers user’s consent to the cookies policy.
_gaCookie2 yearsgoogle.comRegisters a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.
_gatCookie1 mingoogle.comUsed by Google Analytics to throttle request rate.
_gidCookie24 hgoogle.comRegisters a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.

2.2 Third-party Cookies

Some pages of the Website may contain anonymous cookies from other entities (such as social network operators) that are used to personalise their own programmes or applications based on your needs.

Due to the specific way in which cookies work, our website does not have access to the information transmitted by such cookies, just like other entities do not have access to the information that cookies that we set up collect.

The main third-party cookies that our Website uses are as follows:
Necessary cookies:
Functional cookies:
Analytical cookies:
Google Analytics

We use the Google Analytics web analysis service from Google, Inc. Information collected by Google Analytics is transferred to and stored by Google. Google may transfer information collected by Google Analytics to third parties when legally required, or when the third parties in question process information on Google’s behalf.

We recommend that you look into Google’s privacy and cookies policy.


Many web browsers are set up to accept cookies by default. Visitors can block and delete cookies and similar identifiers at their own discretion, if the browser or device settings permit such action.

Still, please note that necessary cookies and analytical cookies are a precondition for your using the Website. If you decline these cookies, we cannot be sure that our Website will be functional at all.

You may request that we erase all data of you that have been collected and are processed with cookies by contacting us at The data will be erased in 30 days of the date you contact us at the above e-mail address at the latest.

You can control the use of other cookies by changing the settings of your browser. More information of how cookies can be deleted as well as other useful information relevant to using cookies is available at

Still, if you decline or block cookies or other similar technologies, some of the Website functions may become unavailable or not function as smoothly as they should.


This cookies policy may be updated by the Company. The Company will notify Visitors of any updates by publishing a new version of the cookies policy with the dates of the revisions on the Website. We therefore recommend visiting the Website periodically for the latest version of the cookies policy.

This privacy policy applies as of the date of its publication on the Website.