About us: Suppliers

Mostly, we serve only certified premium Black Angus beef from Argentina, Uruguay and USA (“Greater Omaha”).

In our “Steak for Break” restaurant, we offer Aberdeen Angus beef from Uruguay – premium steaks for affordable everyday lunch menu.

Our VIP customers order regularly the exceptional Rubia Gallega beef from Spain, the one documentary “Steak (r)evolution” called the best meat in the world. The order usually takes up to 4 days.

Alongside our beef, we offer a range of tempting other meats.
Duroc pork is supplied by a farm of free-range, acorn-fed hogs in France. Natural way of raising the animals makes the meat tenderer, softer, closer to veal, and the most amazing quality – lacking the specific pork odour.

Talking of veal, we are happy to bring it back to our customers’ plates! Why shouldn’t we? It is tender, light, juicy and favoured by kids. Supplied by German producers. We offer roasted veal loin for the most exquisite taste.

Tasty lamb for our menu comes from the fields of New Zealand or Ireland.

Our menu will soon include chicken tabaka made of corn-fed chickens from France.

The king of our seafood menu is grilled octopus, for sure. Precisely cooked, as the exact time according to the weight is needed, and grilled afterwards. All the seafood for our kitchen reach us fresh and unfrozen, “on ice”, caught in the Atlantic. Often we receive special fish orders, what makes our chefs happy to prepare an unexpected fish-of-a-day lunch offer.

We cherish our garden vegetable suppliers from a countryside, and the 12 grain bread we serve is baked by our waiter’s family.